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Candidates many a time get dazed by multitude of courses and institutions available for selection. If correct selection of university is not done, then aspirants may find it difficulties in completing the course and this in turn may affect their future and job prospects.

Visa Plus consultancy services guides you towards the right choice that suits best your calliber and educational and financial background, ambition and preference. We have presidium of assiduous and experienced research team that guides you personally with information regarding all the universities, criteria and process.

We review the profile of the aspirants thoroughly and provide apt guidance towards universities and course selection and this will save time and money of the aspirants as the student enrols into the course and university that is best suited and beneficial.

Our experts understands that different personalities flourish in different environments and thus we review the academic intelligence, extracurricular activities, employer’s prospects and financial background of our clients and then suggest university that are sync with the aspects.

With our guidance and assistance, aspirants get into the universities that best suit personal, academic and financial profile parameters. With proficiency and experience of our counselors, your time and money are saved and you are guided to the right university.

Not only this, our counsellors and admission advisors provide thorough guidance regarding all the admission formalities, applications that are to be filled, tuition fees, interview preparation, visa formalities, pre-departure briefings and travel assistance to all our aspirants.

Our team will be with you starting from the day you step into our office till you enrol yourself in the University of your choice. Our one to one personalized counselling enables you to decide which course and country are best suited to you in tune with your personal and financial strengths. We brief you about the universities in which you can perform best.

Our partnerships with world-class universities all over the world and this allow us to table exclusive scholarships, error-free applications, timely correspondences and best possible results on visa applications for all our valued students.

We guarantee that our journey from counselling to your landing in the destination and university of your choice is as comfortable as possible. Our advisors become more acquainted with students to understand their capabilities, aptitudes, abilities, interests, personality and learning style and then recommend suitable institutions and guide the students through all stages.

We very well understand the Why’s of the procedures as well as How’s it should be done this ensure admission to the best possible universities.

The services of Visa Plus for University Admissions include for the following:

Course & University Selection

Selecting a university abroad for higher studies requires adequate guidance and professional counselling so that the aspirants can zero down on an apt country, university and course.

Visa Plus offers one stop solutions to all the queries regarding university and course selection. Our experienced and proficient counsellors help the students get admissions into universities and colleges that best suit their personal, academic, financial and other parameters.

Our counsellors have in-depth knowledge and rich experience about various courses and universities available in different countries and this knowledge of theirs allows the students to arrive at the best possible decisions.
There are umpteen numbers of universities and courses abroad and selecting the right course and perfect institute is certainly not a cake walk activity. In fact, it is the biggest challenge on the part of students as their entire future and career depend on this important selection.

Many a time students get confused or are in the dilemma about which course need to be opted? Which country and university should be selected? Etc. They thus need experienced and professional guidance.

Our counsellors have one to one sessions with the students to find out what course is best suited for them. Experienced counsellors are well versed to read between the lines and this enables them to decide the course and university which will be beneficial and suited for the aspirants.

They come to conclusion by finding answers to following questions:

After analyzing the answers to the above questions, our experts brief you about the courses that are available and the best university you can pursue that course. They also ensure that the aspirants adapt themselves to the country and the course selected quickly and easily.

At Visa Plus, we understand selecting appropriate course is a career defining judgment for aspiring students and making correct choice is highly important. So our counsellors thus wear a thinking hat and make the best possible decision and guide the aspirants accordingly.

We also brief you about the level of studies and the detailed modules that you will be studying during the course. We also track and ensure that all the procedures are followed and the deadlines are met for the University and course selected.

As aspiring students dreaming of having secure future abroad, you certainly want to have a look at the global vocation prospects for the program that you select and this is where you will find a perfect guide in our experts.

Remember selecting the right course is crucial as it will change your life! Knowing this, we always suggest best courses to our students based on their capabilities and caliber.

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